N E E D  H E L P ?

How Can We Help?

Pasiv puts the client first when it comes to providing direct support over the phone, email or via chat. You can reach our customer service agents during the hours of 12pm GST (Gulf Standard Time) and 12am GST (Gulf Standard Time). Our agents can assist you with

  • Account opening
  • Mobile app use & troubleshooting
  • Your profile & account details
  • Updating your KYC
  • Generic financial market related queries
  • Deposits & withdrawals
  • Your subscription plan & changes to your plan
  • Suggestions & complaints

No financial advice

Unfortunately our agents are not authorized nor licensed to provide you financial advice such as suggestions on what stocks to buy/sell. However our agents can guide you on viewing financial information within the app, so you can make an informed decision. Should you require a human financial advisor, our agents can refer you to various certified professionals.

Account Opening

Our account opening process can be completed within 10 minutes through our mobile app available for iOS and Android. Type "open real account" in the chat screen in the Pasiv mobile app and fill in the application. You'll need to keep the following documents handy to upload or take a photo of :-

Documents Required
  • A proof of identity (e.g. passport copy or national ID)
  • A proof of a bank account (e.g. bank statement or bank verification)
  • A proof of residential address (e.g. utility bill or title deed or rental agreement)

Additional KYC

We may contact you for additional documentation. Accounts take upto 48 hours to get activated, you'll receive a notification once this happens. After activation, you can fund your account with a wire transfer from your bank account.

Contact Support

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Contact our customer support team to find out how Pasiv can improve your investing outcomes. Visit our Customer Support Centre at Park Towers, DIFC to speak to us in person. You can reach our customer support via the following channels, or schedule a visit to meet us.


+971 52 247 9933


Live Chat

Click here to launch a live chat with our support team


Send us a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you are a customer of Pasiv, please include your Pasiv Account number in the subject of your email. You can find your Pasiv account number on the account screen in our mobile app.


Pasiv paid members can submit to us a support ticket or complaint or suggestion through the app. Navigate to your account profile page and click on the settings icon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions that we get asked a lot, and answers to those questions.


Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?
How does it work?
Who provides the products / who is the broker?
Where is Pasiv permitted to operate?
What documents are required for account opening?
How do I close my account?


How do I receive shares that I buy?
What kind of profits & returns can I expect?
How do I earn passive income?
How is pricing calculated?


How do I deposit funds in my account?
Where does my money go?
Do I need a US Dollar bank account?
How do I withdraw money back into my account?
How does Pasiv deduct the money from my account?
When making a wire transfer should I pay all the bank charges or share it?
Is there a withdrawal and deposit fee?

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