Invest Your Spare Change

Pasiv let's you roundup your spending and invest tiny amounts daily to build your wealth and your future.

Eligible to residents of the UAE only at this time. Capital at risk, securities shown for illustration purposes only.

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How Does It Work?

Set a Roundup

Add a card that you use for spending and select a roundup of 5aed, 10aed or more.

Pick Your Funds

Select low-cost index tracking ETFs or build a custom portfolio as your investment.

Auto Invest Daily

Your change is calculated, debited from your card and invested fractionally across the ETFs.

Simplified, Automated Passive Investing

Select funds issued by the world's most trusted investment firms and micro invest your spare change in them automatically. Grow your wealth through tiny contributions and dollar cost average seamlessly.

Financial GPT assistant

Get meaningful updates, perform research, get portfolio insights and access support from an AI assistant through our groundbreaking GPT4 powered chat interface.

Portfolio alerts
Market updates
Risk monitoring

Unlock offers & rewards as you invest

Unlock hidden brunch deals, spa vouchers and pool day offers from some of the finest & most recognized venues across the UAE as you invest. It's our way of giving your savings a boost.

Pasiv is the GCC's first roundup investing platform.

Financial wellness starts with eliminating the complexities of investing. We created Pasiv to allow anyone confidently grow wealth and build a basic retirement, effortlessly and seamlessly.

Get Started

Secure & regulated.

Pasiv is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and comes with best-in-class security for your brokerage account, your funds and your data.


Data on our platform is secured with 256-bit bank grade encryption to keep your information safe.


Pasiv is affiliated with ChoiceTrade, an SEC regulated broker-dealer in the US & member of FINRA & SIPC.

Deposit Insurance

All ChoiceTrade accounts come with Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.

Data Protection

Strict data privacy and security measures in line with the DIFC's Data Protection Law 2020.

Global Account, Simple Pricing

Pasiv accounts don't require a minimum balance and zero commission is charged on trades. We built with global citizens, and digital nomads in mind. Take your investments with you no matter where you reside or which bank you are using*.

US Dollar Investing Account
Real Time Market Data
No Minimum
AI Chat Assistant
Live Chat Support
No Custody Fees
No Spread Per Trade
SIPC Deposit Insurance
Pay As You Go
Ideal for Beginners




Per Deposit Fee
Trade Commissions
5 Available ETFs
SPDR Gold Trust

The world's largest gold fund backed by physical holdings stored predominantly in a vault in London and by custodians worldwide.


The oldest, most liquid and most popular index ETF of all time which tracks the S&P500 - the largest publicly traded companies in the world.

iShares UAE ETF

An ETF allowing you to invest locally in some of the UAE's largest publicly traded companies.

Wahed USA FTSE Sharia ETF

A Sharia compliant ETF with exposure to international public companies that meet Islamic principles

ProShares Bitcoin ETF

The largest ETF that tracks the Bitcoin futures price

Ideal for Investing $1,000+ Monthly




Per Deposit Fee
Trade Commissions
6,000+ US stocks & ETFs
Pro Features
No Deposit Fees

Invest your spare change on better terms

A.I. Generated Portfolio Insights

Get a smart summary on your holdings

Offers & Rewards

Unlock hidden vouchers across the city

Monthly PDF Statement

Emailed to your inbox

Exclusive Access

to Community Events & Pasiv Merchandise

* Limited to jurisdictions outside North America that are not subject to UN, UAE or USA sanctions. Click here to view all fees associated with our service

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November 7, 2023

Pasiv Unveils Spare Change Investing Technology At GITEX Fintech Surge

Dubai based Pasiv Financial has become the first fintech in the GCC to launch roundup, spare change investing to the public. Available to UAE residents, this feature allows you to add a card from any major bank in the UAE and set a roundup amount that each transaction on the card gets rounded up to.

January 11, 2023

Introducing Dark Mode In Pasiv

A new year calls for a new look. The wait is over – Dark Mode for Pasiv has finally arrived! As we step into the new year, we want you to invest in US Stocks & ETFs with the user experience and flexibility that you deserve

September 21, 2022

DFSA Grants Regulatory Approval To Pasiv

It gives us great pleasure to announce that earlier this month, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) granted our company Pasiv Financial Ltd regulatory authorization by lifting all restrictions applied to its Innovation Testing License (ITL).