Client Agreement

T E R M S & C O N D I T I O N S

Pasiv Client Agreement

Agreement Appendix

Appendix 1 : Services Pasiv is Not Providing
Appendix 2 : Broker Risk Disclosure Statement
Appendix 3 : Conflicts of Interest
Appendix 4 : Zero Commission & Fractional Shares
Appendix 5 : US Persons Disclosure
Appendix 6 : Business Continuity

Affiliating Broker Agreements

In order to use the subscription service offered by Pasiv, you must agree to the following supplemental agreements from our regulated brokerage provider, ChoiceTrade. The copies of which are provided below, amended from time to time and available at If ChoiceTrade amends any of the agreements or policies below, Pasiv will duly inform you of the same. ChoiceTrade is licensed & regulated in the U.S. and you are subject to U.S. regulations & securities laws for all matters with regard to your transactions in U.S. securities & products. U.S. securities & products offered through ChoiceTrade, member SIPC and FINRA.
ChoiceTrade User Agreement
ChoiceTrade Customer Agreement
ChoiceTrade Addendum for Fractional Shares
ChoiceTrade Privacy & Security
ChoiceTrade Business Continuity Plan